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Graduates from elderly-services major in demand


16:03, April 01, 2013

Graduates from an elderly-services major were in high demand during a recent job fair in Tianjin.

The elderly-services-themed job fair, held in the Tianjin Vocational Institute last week, attracted 42 elderly nursing agencies as well as 40 graduates and 78 undergraduates from the institute's major of elderly services and management, according to a report in the Tianjin-based Daily Post.

As many as 15 graduates signed contracts with an elderly nursing agency on the spot, and the other 25 graduates expressed job preferences with 17 other agencies, the report said.

Apart from caregivers, professional doctors and nurses were also in short supply, said the report.

More graduates prefer to work for private nursing companies rather than State-owned agencies because they can become senior managers faster in private companies, said the report.

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