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80% of video games not suitable for minors to play


08:59, March 12, 2013

(Photo/People's Daily Online)

Nearly 80 percent of online games sold in the Chinese market are not suitable for minors to play, according to a report by China Youth Internet Association.

The association conducted research on 423 online games issued in the country's market in 2012, and concluded that 78.5 percent were not suitable for people younger than 18, the report said.

Shao Dehai, director of media center with China Youth International, told Beijing News that addiction prevention equipment for online games is key to protecting minors, but only 39 percent of the games had taken such measures to keep youngsters from becoming addicted.

Shao said the addiction prevention equipment in 21 percent of online games had bugs, while 40 percent were even not installed with such equipment, the newspaper said.

He also suggested that the government should strengthen supervision in the online game market, aiming to provide a healthly environment for players, especially the younger ones, the paper added.

Meanwhile, 58 percent of online games forced young players to pay extra if they wanted a "new life" on Internet games, the report said.

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