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Experts say China needs to beef up cyber security

By Gao Yuan (China Daily)

08:59, March 12, 2013

China is one of the world's biggest victims of cyber attacks, and Chinese companies should improve their Internet security systems and remain vigilant to cyber threats, Internet security researchers said

At least 60 percent of the attacks targeting China's large companies, government, and scientific research institutions come from overseas, according to Liu Siyu, director of the security research team at Web security company Beijing Rising Information Technology Co Ltd.

Major sources of the attacks include the United States, South Korea, Japan and India, according to a report released by Rising on the cyber security situation in 2012.

"The situation in 2013 will not change much. Although we do not know who initiated those attacks, we do know which country the hackers are from," said Liu, adding that company files, government documents and research reports are hackers' major targets.

China is the world's second-largest target for hackers globally in terms of attack frequency, only "slightly behind" the United States, said Liu. Japan and South Korea also ranked high on the list.

Industry insiders said Chinese companies do not pay enough attention to cyber attacks because investment in Internet security does not generate earnings.

"Over the past decades China was busy at building a sound online application network, but the establishment of information technology security systems lagged far behind," said Liu.

Rising's report said that nearly 200,000 Chinese websites were hacked in 2011.

However, most Chinese Web security companies only provide anti-virus solutions and have a little knowledge of hacker attacks.

Requests for comment were turned down by the nation's top security firms including Kingsoft Security and Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd. The companies said they only specialize in virus protection and know little about hacker attacks.

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