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By Xu Lin (China Daily)

08:46, March 12, 2013

The exotic shorthair is a shorthaired version of the Persian. (China Daily)

Feline beauty contest in Beijing will have animal-lovers purring next weekend, Xu Lin reports.

Diehard fans of cats mustn't miss the upcoming Cat Fanciers' Association cat show in Beijing, which will feature more than 100 pedigreed cats of nearly 20 species such as Scottish fold, British shorthair and Sphynx.

As one of the world's largest registries of pedigreed cats, CFA aims to preserve and promote purebred cats and to enhance the well-being of all cats. Eight CFA judges are invited to the show.

"It's a high-level and fair competition and CFA supports us greatly. We hope cat fans can enjoy the gala and know more about purebred cats," says Chang Yi, vice-president of Chocolate Heart Cat Club, which hosts the show.

The cats are divided into four groups - kitten (CFA-registered kittens between 4 and 8 months), championship class (CFA-registered intact cats older than 8 months), premiership class (neutered cats registered in CFA older than 8 months); and household pets class.

Judges will score the cats by aspects of their physical appearance, such as shape and fur color, with top cats winning ribbons based on their ranking.

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