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Shanghai suffers another morning of heavy air pollution

(Shanghai Daily)

17:30, March 08, 2013

A woman puts herself under protection of double gauze masks as she walks on downtown Shaanxi Road this morning as Shanghai continues to suffer heavy air pollution with many pedestrians wearing masks to enhance self protection. Air pollution in Shanghai reaches "heavy level" this morning. (Photo/ Shanghai

SHANGHAI welcomes the March 8 Women's Day today with another morning of poor air quality following four consecutive days of air pollution.

Readings of the tiny, hazardous PM2.5 particles reached 140 micrograms per cubic meter at 11am , indicating "heavily polluted" air quality and the average was even higher during the previous 24 hours period.

A daily PM2.5 reading above 75 micrograms per cubic meter is considered polluted, based on national standards.

The poor air quality is partly to blame on a sandstorm in north China.

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