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Woman threatened after posting photo online

By Zheng Jinran  (

09:55, March 01, 2013

A woman who photographed one of two Chinese passengers sneaking bottles of red wine on a flight back from France has received threats.
Wen Fei, a manager of a media company in Changsha, Hunan province, wrote in her micro blog on Friday that the men secretly brought several small bottles of red wine on a flight from Paris to Wuhan, Hubei province.

She tried to stop them, but the men only scolded her, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post reported.

Wen then took a picture of one of the men and posted it on her micro blog.

The post has drawn wide attention from netizens, who said that the men behaving that way in front of foreigners had embarrassed China.

Wen said her company received four phone calls from two men on Tuesday afternoon that urged her to delete her posts. If she doesn't, the men allegedly said, they will go to Changsha to make Wen "have no comfort zones in China".

Wen defended her putting the photo online, saying she did so not to identify the men, but to urge them to behave.

She will not delete her micro-blog post unless someone can prove her wrong, Wen said in another post.

The incident has prompted wide discussion online about what other improper behavior Chinese tourists have engaged in on international flights and in foreign countries.

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