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Do Chinese people really enjoy 115 days off each year?

(People's Daily Online)

14:23, February 22, 2013

(File photo/Xinhua)

The Chinese people are entitled to 115 days off work a year, about the same level of moderately developed countries, according to a recent report. This has aroused heated discussion in China.

Can people take all of the 115 days off every year? With this question in mind, the reporter interviewed many people from all walks of life.

County Party chief Leaders should set example in taking paid leave

"We legally enjoy 115 days off a year, but have never taken all these days off," said Huang Shaoming, Party chief of Luchuan county in Yulin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, when asked about officials' time off work.

Huang attributed officials' difficulties in taking time off to busy work and heavy responsibilities.

Huang expressed strong support for the paid leave system, but stressed that leading cadres should set an example. "We do not dare to take paid leave unless our leaders do it first," he said.

Read the Chinese version:115天公共假期,你休满了吗; People's Daily.

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