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Can Chinese be more relaxed to spend the 'Golden Week'?

(People's Daily Online)

08:04, October 10, 2012


Many people would choose "tired" if asked to use one word to describe the just past "Golden Week" of National Day holiday because of the gridlocked traffic on the highway and the crowds of people in scenic spots. People spent a lot of money but did not enjoy a relaxing holiday. Nevertheless, the "Golden Week" was still a happy time for the majority of busy Chinese people and many people even began looking forward to the next holiday even the "Golden Week" just came to an end.

Why? The most critical reason is that Chinese people enjoy only a few holidays. According to a report from Mercer, one of the world famous human resources companies, Chinese employees have 21 days of paid and statutory holidays every year and China is one of the countries having the least holidays. Another survey showed that less than 30 percent of office workers can enjoy paid vacation in China. Under such welfare system, it is inevitable that people will choose to travel in the "Golden Week".

In view of this, the most basic solution is to implement the paid leave system as soon as possible, so that Chinese people can enjoy a more relaxed "Golden Week". Only by practical implementation of the nominal legal rights and interests can people arrange their holidays more proactively and flexibly to avoid the peak travel period. However, improving the paid vacation system cannot solve all the problems. After all, people must have both time and money to leisurely enjoy the holidays.

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