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A 9-year-old son takes good care of his amputee mother

(People's Daily Online)

07:54, February 18, 2013


Like every year during Spring Festival, there were only two members in this family, mother Zhang Wei and her son Zhou Tianyu, but it was a livelier season than in previous years. Some good-hearted people gave them a 32-inch LCD TV before the Spring Festival as a gift. They watched TV and listened to the firecrackers with delight. This is the first time they watched TV in the past three years or so.

Zhang Wei caught infantile paralysis in her childhood and lost her legs a decade ago. Her husband abandoned her several years ago. She and her son Zhou Tianyu depended on each other for survival since then. He has learned to buy vegetables and cook in order to take care of his mother since he was 5.

He would deprive himself of any "delicious courses" or meat believing that "adults have a priority over delicious meals". They live on benefits of only 720 yuan per month. To save money, Zhang Wei would always skip lunch.

Life is more and more hopeful for Zhang Wei and her son thanks to the help from society. Three years ago, they became the beneficiary of Jilin Red Cross Love Rescue Home. Zhou Tianyu is now granted 1,000 yuan of education financial aids each year. Some college students volunteer to help Zhou Tianyu with his studies every weekend. During the Spring Festival, they received much help from warm-hearted people.

Zhang Wei is trying to "transmit her love". Prior to the Spring Festival, she used her benefits to buy wool that she used to knit over 30 pairs of warm socks, and gave them as gift to other poor children.

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