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Top 10 most expensive Chinese cities to live in


14:35, February 17, 2013

Hong Kong (File Photo)

Hong Kong stands as the most expensive Chinese city in the global living cost index published by the UK's Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), followed by Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The survey, named the Worldwide Cost of Living 2013, sets New York as the benchmark city against other major cities. Hong Kong leads the Chinese cities, taking up the fourth place in Asia and 14th spot worldwide.

After Hong Kong, Shanghai ranks 30th on the list, up 11 places from last year, with a score of 99 against New York's 100. Five years ago, Shanghai was number 53 in the world.

The biannual survey compares more than 400 individual prices across 160 products and services, including food, drink, clothing, household supplies and personal care items, rent, transport, utility bills, private schools, domestic help and recreational costs. A range of stores: supermarkets, mid-priced stores and higher-priced outlets, were investigated. Instead of recommended retail prices or manufacturers' costs, the prices involved are what the paying customers are actually charged.

The survey is conducted every March and September and published in June and December. It has been a staple for over 30 years.

The following are the top 10 most expensive Chinese cities to live in.

No.1 Hong Kong(香港)World ranking: 14

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