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ALS patient survives surgery and gives birth to a boy

(People's Daily Online)

17:18, January 31, 2013

ALS sufferer Lyu Yuanfang was taking ranitidine before going into the operating room at 8 o'clock yesterday. (Photo/Beijing News)

It is the day that Lyu Yuanfang expects many times and cannot imagine.

She said repeatedly:"I hope you will keep my child instead of me in case there is an operative accident."

Lyu Yuanfang, 32, is an ALS sufferer. She was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy when she was a child and her muscle gets atrophic gradually, which is like being frozen. Finally, it she will come to the end of her life when her respiratory muscle and swallowing muscle are atrophied.

Lyu Yuanfang was pregnant and yesterday was the day when she gave birth with caesarean section.

Anxiety mingled with hope in her mind form the first day of pregnancy, because there was never caesarean section for ALS sufferer in China and it is extremely dangerous for ALS sufferer to give birth. She wants to have a child and also give a successor to her husband Luo Zhongmu.
The doctors and nurses in charge also spent a sleepless night, just like Lyu Yuanfang, before the surgery.
Anesthesia is very important in the operation for ALS sufferer. "Motoring neuron disease, one of the five fatal illnesses, is extremely sensitive to anesthetics and its dosage, if we make a mistake, there will be a horrible result," said by An Jianxiong, director of Anesthesia and Critical Medical Center.

An said:"This is an unprecedented operation in China and no one had such experience in the past, but she is pregnant and needs someone to do it."

With the baby's first cry, Lyu Yuanfang gave birth after experiencing the test of life and death at 9:30 a.m. It is a baby boy, weighing 2,850 grams. All the worries disappeared at that moment.
About one week ago, Lyu Yuanfang said that she hoped the doctor could keep her child instead of her, but her husband Luo Zhongmu objected to it and he said Lyu Yuanfang should be kept in first place in any case.

Nowadays the future of their family appears.

Several days ago, the couple named their unborn baby as Luo Guilong. Luo Zhongmu is from Guagnxi and Lyu Yuanfang is from Gansu, Gui and Long are the abbreviation of Guangxi and Gansu respectively.

Four years ago, one netizen named "lonely traveler" met another named "snow butterfly" on the net, Luo Zhongmu who was named "lonely traveler" on the Internet asked: "Why do you add snow before butterfly?"

"Because spring is coming soon after winter," Lyu Yuanfang answered with a smile.

Read the Chinese version:“渐冻人”吕元芳产子 5斤7两; Source: Beijing News

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