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Experts parse challenges to China health reform


17:26, November 19, 2012

BEIJING - Two Chinese experts have parsed challenges to China's health care that include overuse of medical resources and medical disputes, as they called on more input to address such challenges and ensure sound development of the health sector.

Wang Yan and Wang Manyi, both from the Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA) and delegates to the Seventh COA International Congress that closed Sunday in Beijing, offered some insights on how to tackle such challenges.

In China, government sponsors less than 10 percent of the operating costs of public hospitals, COA statistics showed.

Doctors sometimes prescribe excessively and overuse medical equipment to fill the operating costs, a practice that often lead to medical disputes.

In 2010, a septuagenarian patient died after 11 heart stents were put into his body and blocked his blood vessels.

The excessive use of medical equipment is both a waste and harmful to people's health. To stop such practice, COA President Wang Yan proposed institutional improvement.

In the realms of orthopaedics, the COA had pushed for the establishment of the Chinese Joint Registry and Information System in 2012.

The system enforces entry standards for hospitals, which saw joint replacement surgeries a profitable business and vied for qualifications.

So far, 27 major hospitals have already been registered into the system, Wang said.

Unlike the United States, where medical graduates have to go through tough examinations and residency programs before they become doctors, the majority of Chinese medical students go straight to work after graduation.

Chinese medical graduates go through residency training as hospital employees. The quality of training depends on hospitals.

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