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Forecasters clear up toxic fog panic

By Yin Yeping (Global Times)

10:04, November 19, 2012

Pedestrians walk along the road to the west of Tiananmen Square on Friday. The city was enveloped by heavy fog Friday morning. Photo: CFP

Meteorologists on Sunday dismissed media reports that Beijing was afflicted by a toxic fog on Friday which is more harmful to humans than other types of fog, saying that it is the name, radiation fog, which is misleading.

However, other experts have cautioned that all fog in the capital could be harmful to human health if pollution levels are especially high.

According to, the website of Beijing Youth daily, on Friday the capital was enveloped by radiation fog which contained a large amount of toxic pollution.

The report said that sulfur dioxide particles changed into sulfuric acid aerosol after being oxidized in the air and being combined with fog droplets.

The new chemical is 10 times more toxic than its original element, reported Sunday.

Web users were quick to post of their alarm at the new potentially poisonous weather-based phenomenon.

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