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Consumers experience online shopping spree on Singles' Day


16:42, November 12, 2012

BEIJING, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- Emma Jiang screamed with delight.

The Beijing worker had just successfully ordered a new washing machine online. She was excited about her purchase on Sunday because the day, dubbed Singles' Day, means massive discounts for consumers in China.

Singles' Day is based on the date Nov. 11, or "11.11" - four "1"s. Young single people celebrate the holiday by eating together, sending gifts or shopping.

With online shopping popular among the younger generation, due to convenience, Chinese retailers decided to cater to the trend.

Alibaba Group, operator of China's biggest e-commerce platforms, launched a shopping festival on its consumer-oriented platform, highlighting big discounts.

The 27-year old Jiang bought her Haier XQB60-M918 washing machine at the online shop Haier, which opened on, for 999 yuan (158.8 U.S. dollars), representing a 16.61 percent discount.

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