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Temperature to fall to 9 C as clearer skies lead to colder nights

By Jiang Yabin (Global Times)

09:00, November 05, 2012

Temperatures are expected to drop as low as 9 C Monday morning and officials reminded residents to wear heavier clothing so they don't get sick, the local weather bureau forecast Sunday.

If the forecast is correct, it is the first time the temperature in the city has fallen below 10 C since winter ended.

Temperatures are expected to be at their lowest in the early morning hours Monday and Tuesday as thin cloud cover will do little to trap Shanghai's heat during the night, said Fu Yi, a press officer with the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau. Temperatures may fall even lower outside the city center.

The high temperature will range from 16 C to 18 C over the first few days of this week with partly cloudy skies, Fu said.

That would put temperatures in line with Sunday's high of 16 C or Friday's high of 19 C.

Fu doesn't expect the low temperature to rebound this week. Forecasters predicted that the city will experience some rain from Thursday until the end of the week.

The local weather bureau also reminded residents that some people are prone to suffering influenza and respiratory disease when the temperature changes.

It advised residents to keep warm and wear a mask in crowded public places.

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