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PLA Hong Kong Garrison to hold barracks-opening-day activity

(China Military Online)

13:55, June 26, 2013

HONG KONG, June 25 (ChinaMil) -- The Hong Kong Garrison of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) will open its Shek Kong and San Wai Barracks on June 30, 2013 and Stonecutters Island Barracks on July 1, 2013 to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Hong Kong's reunification with China and the PLA's stationing in Hong Kong, and enhance the understanding of the PLA troops stationed in Hong Kong by the people from all walks of life in Hong Kong.

The PLA Hong Kong Garrison began to distribute the entrance tickets for the barracks-opening-day activity outside the gates of its 6 barracks in Central, Kowloon East, Gun Club Hill, Shek Kong, San Wai and Tam Mei of Hong Kong respectively at 08:30 on June 23. The distribution of a total of 25,000 entrance tickets was completed within less than two hours.

The "barracks-opening day" is one of the most favorable activities held by the PLA Hong Kong Garrison for Hong Kong residents. Many Hong Kong residents expressed that as they hardly have any chance to carry out the exchanges with the PLA during ordinary days, they hope to enhance the understanding of the PLA through their visit to the PLA barracks.

This is the 8th year for Mr. Lee to come to the barracks of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison to wait in queues for the entrance tickets together with his child. Mr. Lee chooses to visit the Stonecutters Island barracks this year for the commissioning of the new-type frigate of the Navy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLAN). He hopes his son can feel his powerful and prosperous motherland through visiting the barracks of the PLA Hong Kong Garrison. Some parents also intend to bring their children to visit the barracks as they hold that the visit can not only enrich their children's knowledge, but also cultivate their children's disciplinary habit.

In addition to the common activities including the national-flag-raising ceremony, military band performance, boxing performance, gun-holding group performance, weaponry and equipment static display, living facilities' visit in the PLA troop units as well as dishes and pastry-making demonstration in the three barracks during the barracks-opening day, the barracks will also launch their own special contents including the anti-terrorism assault and ground-air coordination rescue drills in the Shek Kong barracks, the urban laser-simulation confrontation and ground-air coordination rescue drills in the San Wai barracks, and the commissioning ceremony of the new-type frigate of the PLAN, naval gun simulation shooting and warship damage control trainings in the Stonecutters Island barracks.

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