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Blacklist on way for court defiance

By Zhang Yan (China Daily)

09:54, July 20, 2013

The top court will blacklist people who refuse to abide by court rulings, in a move that may eventually restrict their business activities and market access.

The Supreme People's Court will publish the list from Oct 1, as an increasing number of court decisions have not been complied with in recent years.

The blacklist aims to "urge these people to fulfill their legal obligations, and to help build a social credit system", Liu Guixiang, director of the implementation bureau under the court, told China Daily.

People who intentionally refuse to abide by court rulings, through means such as fabricating evidence, and using violence and threats, will be included on the blacklist.

Those who hide and transfer their assets by filing lawsuits will be considered as defying the law, and will be blacklisted.

Others to be placed on the list include those who violate the courts' asset reporting system or spending limits and those who are financially capable but defy rulings deliberately.

From January to June, the number of rulings not complied with stood at 1.7 million nationwide, an increase of 8 percent from a year ago, according to the top court.

In recent years, fewer than half of all court rulings have been complied with.

Zhu Yan, assisting judge from the implementation bureau under the top court, said the blacklist will be announced through the media and court bulletin boards.

People can access the list through the court's websites to make inquiries, she said.

The list will also be handed to relevant authorities, financial institutions and industrial associations.

"The blacklist will provide a basis for authorities to restrict those people's business activities, including governmental purchases, bidding, administrative approval, bank loans as well as market access," Zhu said.

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