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China vows to safeguard Xinjiang's stability: People's Daily

(People's Daily Online)

16:34, July 03, 2013

Recent terror attacks in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have caused widespread harm to lives and property. The ordinary people of Xinjiang know only too well from their own experience that stability is the basis of contentment and a peaceful life. Without stability, there can be no happiness.

A solid social security net has now been extended over Xinjiang to safeguard public safety and private property. Formed by armed police officers, governmental officials of different levels, and the broad masses of the general public, this net shows the determination of Chinese government and the Communist Party of China to crack down on terrorist attacks and safeguard the stability of Xinjiang and the vital interests of its people.

Unity and stability are blessings; division and turbulence will lead only to chaos. Reviewing the past 60 years of Xinjiang’s history confirms that when society achieves stability, the economy develops smoothly and people can live a contented life. Conversely, when society loses stability the economy slows to a standstill or even goes into reverse, and people lose their sense of happiness and security. Stability is the prerequisite of development and the basis of prosperity. Stability is one of the biggest issues affecting the livelihoods of ordinary people.

In recent years Xinjiang’s social and economic development has been largely positive and successful. With ongoing economic development and an improvement in standards of living, Xinjiang is at a key stage of construction, development and prosperity. The region’s GDP has now surpassed three key milestones: 500 billion yuan, 600 billion yuan and 700 billion yuan. For three years in succession, growth in per-capita disposable income has been among the fastest of all the regions of China. The highway network in Xinjiang has grown from 842 kilometers to 2277 kilometers. The growth rate of passenger throughput in Urumqi International Airport ranks first in all of China’s 21 main airports. Xinjiang is enjoying unprecedented economic development, bringing enormous improvements to the livelihood of the people.

Provoking riots and threatening stability in the cause of dividing China runs counter to the will of the people. Stability and development define today’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. But at the same time we must recognize that the struggle against secessionism and terrorism in Xinjiang will be intense, complex, and sometimes even violent. Therefore we must be constant in our determination to defend the unity and stability of Xinjiang.

Prosperity, development, stability, and harmony are not only the basic aspirations of the 22 million people of Xinjiang, but also those of China’s overall population of 1.3 billion people. China is determined to safeguard the fruits of development as well as the common interests of the public by taking a steadfast and uncompromising line against any extremist forces in Xinjiang.

Edited and Translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

Read the Chinese version: 坚决维护新疆社会稳定, source: People's Daily

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