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Int'l community supports China's efforts to crack down on terrorism


08:50, July 03, 2013

BEIJING, July 2 (Xinhua) -- Scholars from Russia, Kazakhstan and Kenya have strongly condemned the terror attacks that occurred in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and support the government's steadfast efforts to sustain regional stability and crack down on terrorism.

Yakov Berger, chief researcher of the Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, said the attacks are a kind of "crimes and calamities" in modern civilization.

There is no doubt that the terror attacks in Xinjiang were linked with the influence of foreign forces, he said.

China's efforts to crack down on terrorism and ensure stability in Xinjiang, Berger said, is a part of the anti-terrorist movements of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Ruslan Izimov, a research fellow at the Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies, said the actions taken by China to sustain stability in Xinjiang are internal affairs that outsiders have no right to find fault with.

Kazakhstan condemns terrorism of any form, Izimov said, adding that as a strategic partner of China, Kazakhstan hopes China can maintain peace and stability.

James Oruko, a lecturer of the Development Studies of Kenya's Egerton University, said the terror attacks in Xinjiang alerted the world that terrorism is against humanity and society, and must be resolutely stopped. He said he supports the Chinese government to mercilessly fight against terrorism.

Lin Guojiong, former UN Disarmament Affairs chief administrative officer, said the possibility can not be ruled out that the attacks in Xinjiang were agitated and supported by foreign forces such as the "East Turkistan" forces, which attempted to split China.

He said no tolerance could be spared for the terrorist attacks undermining national unity, and resolute actions should be taken to crack down on them.

Angel Marin, chairman of the Sino-Bulgarian Forum and former Bulgarian vice president, said the Chinese government has made great efforts in Xinjiang's development, including investing huge capital in the region, and has been devoted to solving local social and economic problems.

He said he believes that the Chinese government is capable of coping with the terrotist activities in Xinjiang.

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