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Chinese vice premier stresses food safety supervision

(China Daily)

07:26, January 25, 2013

BEIJING - Vice Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday vowed to strengthen the government's role in supervising food safety and urged authorities to eliminate food safety hazards ahead of the Spring Festival holiday.

Li made the remarks while chairing the fifth plenary meeting of the food safety commission under the State Council, or China's cabinet.

The government should put more emphasis on enhancing market supervision according to law in an effort to create a safe and equitable market environment, he said.

"Food issues should be prioritized in reinforcing market supervision," according to Li.

Li called for all-around efforts from government departments and local authorities to eliminate potential food safety hazards before the upcoming Spring Festival, China's most important holiday.

He said the government will crack down on illegal food production facilities and penalize those responsible for crimes, corruption and malpractice related to food safety.

Li also said the government will further improve food safety standards and related laws and regulations, as well as release accurate information about food safety issues in a timely manner.


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