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Chinese leader stresses fair play in selecting officials


09:21, December 27, 2012

BEIJING, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) -- Chinese leader Liu Yunshan on Wednesday ordered the chiefs of local organization departments of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to firmly reject nepotism, bribery, illicit canvassing and vote-buying in the selection of new officials.

"Selecting an official is like hoisting a banner," he said, stressing efforts to promote those who are outstanding in performance and enjoy popular support.

"If a talented person is selected, more talented people will come," Liu said, citing an ancient Chinese proverb.

Liu, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, urged substantial efforts to be made to improve ways of selecting and promoting officials.

He made the remarks while addressing a meeting of local CPC organization department chiefs from across the country in Beijing.

Liu said organizational authorities, who are in charge of issues concerning the selection of officials, shall maintain high-level political awareness in resolutely fighting improper practices in selecting officials.

The authorities should focus on promoting officials who demonstrate scientific-development-oriented leadership to positions at leading bodies, he said.

Liu, also a member of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, called for efforts to improve the system of assessing officials' performance in a way that facilitates the country's development in a scientific manner.

He told organizational authorities to boost Party cadres' confidence in the path, theories and system of socialism with Chinese characteristics via education, thus motivating them to contribute more to the realization of the "China Dream."

Referring to improving Party officials' work style as a pressing task, Liu said officials should be guided to strive for closer Party-people ties.

Liu also urged organizational department chiefs to strive for building a contingent of high-quality talented people for the ruling CPC.

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