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Sa Beining: I owe much to my sister

(CRI Online)

14:01, June 21, 2013

Renowned TV host Sa Beining recently recorded a program with his sister Sa Beina, a former dance teacher who has now turned to administrative work.

When shooting the program, Sa Beining admitted that he felt a sense of guilt as he "disappeared" during an important period of his sister's life. He said he was not a qualified brother. During a period of about ten years of studying far away from home, he would only get in touch with his family members through written communication once in a while.

Sa Beining also recalled that when his sister came to Beijing during the summer vacation before her graduation, he was too preoccupied with work to spend time taking her around Beijing. And during her ten-day stay in Beijing, they only met each other for a brief amount of time. Before she left, she specially prepared a pot of beef soup, Sa Beining's favorite dish, but she wasn't able to deliver to her brother as he was too busy to be back. Sa Beining says regretfully, "Whenever I recall the matter, I feel really upset. I feel that up till now, I owe too much to my sister." But he added, "Blood ties will always remain the same. Therefore, I believe I will slowly make it up to you and repay you for the care and the responsibility that I didn't take but will take in the future."

Following Sa Beining's words, Sa Beina appeared as if she did not mind her brother's previous behavior towards her. She said, "When I left Beijing, I could tell that my brother led a hard life. How could I ask him to take me out to have fun? We need be considerate of each other."

Sa Beining admitted that as his workload increases, he often feels too tired to talk when he's back home, which makes his parents unable to chat with him about their day.

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