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Sotheby's auctions old photos of Beijing


08:13, May 16, 2013


Some of the earliest photographs of old Beijing are set to go up for sale in London on Tuesday. Shot more than 150 years ago, the 18 pictures reveal a Chinese capital long since gone. At the time, they were the first images of China most Europeans had ever seen.When they come up for auction at Sotheby’s, it’s believed bidders from around the world -- and in particular China -- will value the pictures at around half a million dollars.

The price tag on these photographs a reflection of their unique nature.

Shot by the British-Italian photographer Felice Beato they’re extraordinary on a number of levels.

Photography was in its very infancy when incredibly in 1860 Beato took his equipment on the road to snapping these unparalleled images.

Beato’s technical excellence demonstrated here by the world’s first panoramic shot of the imperial splendour of China’s ancient capital..:

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