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New releases set box office records


08:40, May 10, 2013

Since the end of last year, China’s domestic film market has continued to break box office records. This time around, low-budget romance "So Young" is creating quite a stir, taking a staggering 350 million yuan in its first week.(CNTV)

Only a few months ago, Chinese movie insiders were excited about the huge box office success of "Lost in Thailand" and "Journey to the West".

But now comes "Iron Man 3" and "So Young", which have stoked China’s weekly box office to a historic high of 148.6 million US -Dollars.

The dual charge of the Marvel superhero flick and the home-grown nostalgic drama has taken up nearly 79 percent of box office earnings in the past week. "Iron Man 3" opened 5 days after "So Young", but Robert Downey Jr.’s charm and the new installment’s Chinese bloodline have secured a fine box office result.

"So Young", the directorial debut of A-list actress Zhao Wei, is a nostalgic look at college life and romance in the ’90’s. Other competitors include "The Croods" and "GI Joe - Retaliation".

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