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Lenovo eyes sale of 60m smartphones in FY2013


13:35, May 09, 2013

Chinese electronics and personal computer manufacturer Lenovo Group aims to sell 60 million smartphones in the 2013 financial year, which began April 1, according to the company's senior executives.

Liu Jun, senior vice president of Lenovo Group, said that Lenovo sees Apple Inc and Samsung Group as its biggest competitors since the company is actively entering the smartphone and tablet markets.

As the world's shipment of personal computers experienced a fourth consecutive quarterly drop and posted the weakest growth since 1994, major PC giants worldwide all started to search for a business transition.

Lenovo recorded a significant increase last year in terms of its smartphone business. According to IDC, Lenovo shipped 23.5 million smartphones, or 11 percent of the Chinese smartphone market, in 2012. The smartphone shipment of Lenovo grew by more than five times year-on-year, IDC said.

Lenovo ranked as the second-largest smartphone vendor in China during the period, second only to Samsung.

Beijing Business Today reported that Lenovo aims to become the biggest smartphone maker in China in two years, as the company puts a lot of resources into its mobile business.

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