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Time for truffles

By Pauline D. Loh and Guo Anfei (China Daily)

09:01, April 28, 2013

Truffle tea goes well with the truffle cuisine. (China Daily)

>> Black diamonds: Chinese truffles

Chinese truffles are not heavily scented and most Chinese diners prefer their truffles cooked or slightly blanched, Pauline D. Loh and Guo Anfei talk to a chef in Yunnan who treats truffles the Chinese way.

The truffle in modern Chinese cuisine is a relatively new ingredient and its treatment often differs from that in the West, according to executive chef Wang Chuanshu, of the Yeyahu, or Wild Swan Lake Resort in Kunming.

The chef says he has been using Yunnan truffles since about 2005 and has spent considerable time mulling the best and most delicious methods of using the precious fungi in his menu.

Wild Swan Lake is an upmarket villa resort to the southwest of the capital city of Yunnan province, and caters exclusively to a gourmet clientele.

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