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Exercise traditional ideas with the best ingredients

By Ye Jun  (China Daily)

15:27, January 30, 2013

Aw Yong's dish of spiced squid ink linguini with Boston lobster and red peppers demonstrates his expertise.(China Daily)

Jack Aw Yong has never had time to eat in another Chinese restaurant in Beijing rather than his own outlets. The Singaporean executive chef of the Park Hyatt Beijing has been here since 2007, when he came to prepare for the hotel's opening.

Since then, he has built a formidable reputation among Beijing's gourmets, creating a few landmark dishes that are copied to this day by other chefs - high accolades in a city of foodies.

He was the first to prepare braised pork belly with black truffles in a clay pot, a dish now conscientiously imitated by high-end Chinese restaurants in Beijing.

His Private Room Chinese Restaurant was known for its creative new dishes, such as dumplings with black truffle and a range of delicious zongzi, the little baby pyramids of rice and fillings.

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