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Exquisite vegetarian dishes revived in Chinese cuisine

(China Daily)

16:01, January 29, 2013

(China Daily)

When Samadhi opened a few years ago, people marveled at the beautifully presented vegetarian dishes, but were skeptical if these would find a market in a mainly carnivorous town.

Vegetarian restaurants in Beijing were mostly in the mid to economical ranges, offering "mock meat" dishes created from soybean products or konjak.

In contrast, Samadhi celebrates natural ingredients with no pretenses that they are what they are, and it has attracted a faithful clientele with its tasty, healthy food and comfortable, classy decor.

There is now a long line waiting to get in and the tables are full every day. Chef Zhao Bin attributes the success of his restaurant to a general concern over health and food safety, and rising appreciation of ambience and good service, all of which are Samadhi's strong points.

Zhao Bin is getting well known in Beijing for his beautifully designed and tasty vegetarian dishes.

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