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Exquisite vegetarian dishes revived in Chinese cuisine (2)

(China Daily)

16:05, January 29, 2013

(China Daily)

The chef has worked in major hotels, in both Chinese and Western kitchens. Last year, he found added fame when he appeared in the blockbuster CCTV documentary A Bite of China, showing off a bean curd creation gilded by a green pureed spinach, and topped with mushrooms.

Another signature dish is a soup with a bean curd skillfully shaped into a blooming chrysanthemum.

Traditionally, Chinese cuisine has many classic vegetarian dishes which had been all but forgotten. Fortunately, Zhao has revived many and added them to Samadhi's menu.

Recently, the restaurant cooperated with a magazine in Taiwan to present an "Eight Water Sprites" banquet featuring dishes made of water chestnut, fox nut, water caltrop, water asparagus, water shield, arrowhead, lotus and watercress.

These are mostly classic Chinese ingredients produced from aquatic plants, but to create something tasty and new from these demand experience and a thinking mind. This was where Zhao showed his mettle.

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