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"Gatsby" remake sparks 1920s fashion revival


09:02, April 28, 2013

Even before the release of the movie, these sophisticated looks have taken the fashion world by storm. (CNTV)

Baz Luhrmann’s star-studded 3-D version of "The Great Gatsby" is scheduled to hit the big screen in May, but its 1920s costume stylings are already back in vogue. We head over to central London for a look at some of the old-school couture worn by the film’s cast.

The glamorous theme parties and lavish style of the 1920s upper class seem irresistible to the young, bold and the beautiful of today.

Even before the release of the movie, these sophisticated looks have taken the fashion world by storm.

Menswear brand Brooks Brothers has worked with the film’s costume designer Catherine Martin to create the film’s male outfits. The classic American clothing brand is actually mentioned in Fitzgerald’s writings, adding a note of authenticity.

And these exquisite costumes truly live up to the honour.

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