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Renowned painter donates collection to hometown gallery

By Wang Qian (China Daily)

09:13, April 26, 2013

An art gallery in Shandong recently acquired a wealth of paintings by Liu Kuo-Sung, a renowned painter who lives in Taiwan.

Opened at Shandong Provincial Museum on April 26, the gallery will permanently exhibit the masterpieces by the painter.

Known as "the father of modern ink painting", the 81-year-old donated a total of 81 masterpieces to the museum, creating the largest collection of his work in the world.

"I'm very glad that my work can be on display permanently at the largest museum of my hometown," said Liu, adding that another 19 pieces will be donated later.

An art fund worth 4 million yuan ($625,000) supported by Liu and the provincial government was launched at the same time to boost the development of modern ink painting.

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