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Hollywood landmark reels in China brand

By Liu Wei (China Daily)

09:06, March 12, 2013

(file photo)

>> Hollywood looks east

Chinese films may soon have their premieres on the world's busiest red carpet.

TCL, a major TV and mobile phone maker, has completed a 10-year deal with the owners of the Chinese Theater, the historic Hollywood landmark that now hosts weekly premieres.

The theater, previously known as Mann's Chinese Theater, has been renamed TCL Chinese Theater.

Q.C. Liang, assistant president of TCL, said the company will be entitled to use the venue free a certain number of days every year as part of the deal signed in January.

It is also working on a promotion that will be screened before every film released in the theater.

The company's name will not appear on the facade of the building, which was declared a historic and cultural landmark in 1968, but the company's logo will appear on the LED display in and outside the theater, and on the Walk of Fame where stars immortalize themselves by placing handprints in cement and where 4 million tourists visit every year.

TCL, short for The Creative Life, knows about Hollywood. Its products have been placed into blockbusters such as Transformers 3 and The Avengers, and will be featured in the upcoming Iron Man 3.

Liang hopes the naming deal, as well as the product placement, will help the company's brand image connect more to the young generation.

"We produce smart TV and mobile phones, for which young people are the main target customers," he said.

"The Chinese Theater deal will definitely enhance the brand's global media exposure."

As part of its strategy in the United States, TCL will put more efforts into promoting its medium to high-end products in the region, he added.

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