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Interest of Chinese learning increases in Africa

By Rene Del Carme (CNTV)

14:30, March 11, 2013

In Africa, there is an increasing number of people curious about Chinese culture. (CNTV)

In Africa, there is an increasing number of people curious about Chinese culture. A special school in the South African capital of Pretoria is doing its part to educate kids from all over the continent.

The Pretoria Chinese school opened its doors in South Africa 79 years ago.

The land for the first school buildings had to be purchased by the Chinese Consulate, because Chinese immigrants faced discrimination and racism under the old, White Apartheid Government.

Back then, immigrants were denied citizenship.

Things have changed dramatically since then, with political, economic and cultural ties between the New South Africa and China, growing stronger with each passing year. Just like the educational and cultural exchange at this unique South African-Chinese school.

There are nearly 500 learners at this multi-cultural school. Aged between four and around 17-years old.

And it's compulsory for all of them to study Mandarin.

One student said, "Chinese is nice to do, because we can do it with our friends at the same time."

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