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Drug testing dilemma in China

By Wang Shutong  (Global Times)

16:58, March 06, 2013

(File Photo)

Zhang, in her 80s, finally won her four-year-long case against well-known German drug maker The Bayer Group, receiving a compensation of €50,000 ($65,070) last month for the side effects, including shock, she suffered after testing its anti-blood clotting medicine in 2006.

Zhang, who is retired from Zizhu Pharmaceutical, took the drug while hospitalized in Renmin Hospital, Xicheng district, for artificial joint replacement surgery on her knee, the Beijing News reported.

Zhang's case has brought drug testers into the public eye. Testers put their health on the line, but Chinese regulations about human drug testing are still lacking, say experts.

While some testers are happy with their part-time job, others are still suffering from side effects brought on by the drug trials and struggle to get compensation.

Silent side effects

Yu Po, 28, from Taian, Shandong Province, became a drug tester in May 2010. Yu's first offer came from, a popular job posting website.

"It was a three-day job that paid 2,500 yuan ($402)," Yu recalled. He applied for it even though he didn't know what the job would entail. After he got the phone call, Yu saw the big picture for the first time.

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