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Emperors died of hunger in Chinese history

(Guangming Online)

09:47, February 27, 2013


It is believed that the poor might die of hunger in Chinese history. However, it is doubted that emperors died of hunger in Chinese history. Whatever, there are several emperors dying of hunger indeed.

Duke Huan of Qi, the head of Five Hegemons, was an outstanding sovereign. He had nine wives and a lot of sons. But his sons fight, attacked and killed each other for the ritht of succession. And no one cared about the seriously ill Duke, who was locked in a small house with no food and water. Finally, the Duke Huan of Qi died of hunger.

Another emperor who died of hunger was Xiao Yan, emperor Liangwu, the first emperor of the Southern Liang Dynasty. As a master of writing, music and Chinese calligraphy, he was an eminent person at his youth, while when he was 82 years old he could fight in the war. In his early govern period, he created a steady, weathy and prosperous country, while in his old age, he prayed the Buddha everyday setting aside affairs of state. His nephew, also his foster son, usurped the throne and imprisoned him. Lack of food and thick clothes, Xiao Yan died of hunger finally at the old age.

King Wuling of Zhao, a noted sovereign of Zhao in Warring States Era in Chinese history, was famous of cavalry reform. To expand the territoy, he abdicated the throne to his second son Zhao He and commanded his cavalry that was created by himself to fight. However, civil strife happened in the State of Zhao because of the succession problem. The sovereign was also besieged in the palace and lived on birds, but three months later, he died of hunger. Contributed by Zeng Fanhua

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