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New profit share models set as '1942' premieres

By Zhang Rui (

09:10, November 27, 2012

(Photo/CRI Online)

Dust has eventually settled on the current dispute of whether or not to raise profit shares for film distributors, mere moments before Feng Xiaogang's new blockbuster "Back to 1942" premiered in Beijing on Sunday.

On Nov. 15, 2012, China Film Group Corporation, Huayi Brothers Media Group, Bona Film Group, Stellar Mega Films Ltd., and Enlight Pictures Co., Ltd. - five of China's most powerful film distribution and production companies - collectively asked to raise their shares in box-office revenues from the current 43 percent to 45 percent, involving 9 films to screen during the upcoming new year's season. However, the sudden demands angered many theater chains and they opted to fight back.

As the golden new year film season looms around the corner, the distributors of season opening blockbusters "Back to 1942" and Lu Chuan's "The Last Supper" finally negotiated respective deals with theaters as to settle the dispute in time before both sides stood to lose big.

The 10-day deadlock was resolved only right before the premiere of "Back to 1942". It was announced that an agreement had been signed by the nation's 30 major theater chains and Huayi, the film's producer and distributor. The new principles include: When a film grosses beneath 300 million yuan (US$48.18 million), the distributors' profit share is 43 percent against theaters' 57 percent; when a film grosses more than 300 million yuan, the revenue part beyond 300 million will be split as 45 percent against 55 percent; if the film goes on to gross more than 800 million yuan (US$128.5 million), the share will be 47 percent against 53 percent, said Zhao Jun, the general manager of China Film South Cinema Circuit.

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