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Chinese in love with dancing [Video]

By Stanley Lee (CNTV)

09:58, November 26, 2012

Outside of the theatre, dancing has become a huge part of the lives of millions of people in China. Enthusiasts range in age from senior citizens to children as young as 8 years old.

At the foot of the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty, here people are freely expressing themselves through dance. Following the smooth melody, you don't have to be a professional to enjoy yourself.

People here range from the middle-aged to seniors and show up almost every night. Apart from pleasure, participants are also in it for the health benefits.

One participant said, "I do group dancing. My overall sense of well being has improved, both physically and mentally. I think this is really positive for retired folks like us."

Unlike the older generation, people at the LDTX dancing centre in the Chaoyang district of Beijing really want to delve into the art of dancing. This class teaches modern dancing and has even attracted some foreigners.

He Yao, Dance Instructor, said, "We start off with teaching the rhythm of the dance and how it affects different parts of the body. Through this the students here can grasp the characteristics of modern dance."

There's been a surge of interest in dancing in China, and this interest has spread across generations. People like the white collars here are not only passionate about it themselves, but are also passing it on to their kids.

And one great example is the classes at the Baiwutang dance training center near Guanqumen in Beijing. Girls here are instructed in basic dance moves and coordination with music. Their parents have their eyes on more than just dancing itself though.

A parent said, "For us it's more than just dancing, I want my daughter to be an elegant presence in front of people and it also helps shape her body. She really likes it so far."

The enthusiasm of the girls could be seen when asked by their teacher whether they liked dancing, it was a definitive yes.

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