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Online matchmaking a popular choice

By Li Dong (CRI Online)

16:38, November 22, 2012

According to statistics, China currently has 180 million single men and women who are around the age where they should be thinking about marriage.

Recently the National Office of Population and Family Planning and a leading online matchmaking website conducted a nationwide survey. Of the 100 thousand surveyed people 51 percent of men and 44 percent of women regarded matchmaking as a major way of meeting potential spouses due to a lack of opportunities to expand their social circles. More than 50 percent in this category have used online matchmaking websites.

Liu Ming is from Anhui Province. She says her job takes up too much of her time.

"I don't have much time, and I don't know many people who can introduce me new potential partners. I always work overtime, and I really don't have time to look for my 'Mr. Right'. Most of my college friends are not in Beijing. I didn't grow up here. So, I don't have relatives who can help me with my marriage. I want to expand my social circle."

Liu Ming used online matchmaking services to help solve this problem.

The major online matchmaking websites have a total of more than 100 million registrations. That means one out of 20 is registered in an online matchmaking website.

Personalized descriptions, interests, expectations, and appearance lend a hand in choosing your dating partner in limited time.

Sun Chen is one of the lucky ones. He met his wife via an online matchmaking website.

"In the beginning, this Shangdong girl gave me the impression that she was pretty and active. Later, we found out that we had many things in common. There are many people to talk to but only a few you can really get along with. We plan to hold our wedding ceremony on December 2, and we are preparing. We expect ours to be unique."

His wife Liu Teng says online matchmaking is a viable choice.

"Online matchmaking really helped me a lot. I used to think online dating was awkward. I never expected such a miracle could happen to me. But my marriage changed this attitude."

According to figures from a leading online matchmaking website, in the past 10 years, more than 16 million people successfully found their ideal partner via their site.

Wang Siran, a psychologist, says that, nowadays, mental compatibility is becoming a more important standard in marriage for young people.

"Young people put more emphasis on their inner happiness. That concerns psychological compatibility, philosophy and values rather than simply looking at material things."

However, the internet is virtual world. There are inevitable risks in online matchmaking.

Zhou Zhoungxiao, vice president of a matchmaking website, says that young people have a strong sense of protecting their privacy. Their website also has a real-name authentication mechanism to avoid fraud. But he still has suggestions.

"Avoid topics like cooperation, such as, 'Let's work on a project together'. These are the cases where most fraud occurs."

He also recommends meeting your potential partner in a public area as well as remembering never to release any personal information about how much money you earn.

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