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Women win a 'billionaire' chance

By Xu Chi (Shanghai Daily)

09:47, June 19, 2012

About 200 local women have won through to the next round of a matchmaking contest with the prize of possible marriage to a billionaire.

The women, aged 19 to 43, were chosen from 600 applicants at a matchmaking contest in Jing'an District organized by the China Entrepreneur Club for Singles over the weekend.

The contest follows similar events in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province, and Chengdu, capital of southwest Sichuan Province.

Contest officials said the Shanghai contestants will join a total of 6,500 women from across the country in a second round of interviews after which 100 will go through to a final round.

Then just 28 women will be invited to a two-day party in a luxury hotel in Guangdong Province next month, a club official surnamed Cheng told Shanghai Daily.

There they will meet the billionaires who are looking for wives.

"We found the quality of Shanghai contestants higher than those in some other cities," said Cheng.

"Many contestants are coming from top universities such as Fudan and Jiaotong, and some of them are even postgraduate students."

The women were from all walks of life, Cheng said, and included students, office workers, models and airline cabin crew.

"I don't care if people call me a money worshipper because actually I'm not," said a contestant surnamed Sheng. "It is fine for me to marry some normal man, but it's better to marry a rich man."

Sheng said she was not able to afford an apartment by herself so she was trying to marry someone with a better economic background.

"Some people worship money but they dare not admit that, while some others want to marry rich men but don't know how to find them," she said. "This is a good opportunity for me and certainly I have to try my luck."

One 20-year-old was accompanied by her mother. She was looking for a man who would take care of her, while her mother said it would be better if the man was rich.

Contestants have to meet requirements which included being aged from 20 to 35, taller than 160 centimeters, good looking, having a good educational background, and, as some of the billionaires are said to have requested, be virgins.

Plastic surgeons also checked to see whether the women had had facelifts.

In one part of the contest, they were asked questions while attached to a machine measuring data such as their heart rate.

"We may ask them questions such as what is the reason you broke up with your last boyfriend," said Cheng.

"Then the experts would read the data, such as heartbeat, displayed on the machine to show their physiological reactions."

Interviewers said the women had to pass such tests because some rich men wanted wives who were not only good at shopping, singing and having parties.

They wanted their partners to be able to hold a conversation with them about everyday topics.

There was some concern about whether the billionaires actually existed as their details have never been released. But Cheng said: "We understand their worries but we are not allowed to reveal their private information without permission."


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