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Tips for staying healthy in winter ['Winter Begins' Special]

(People's Daily Online)

12:45, November 07, 2012

life tips for healthy lifestyle

The 24 Solar Terms - Winter Begins 。◕‿◕。

“Winter Begins” arrives on November 7 or November 8 each year. In Chinese, it’s called “Li Dong”. “Li” means beginning and “Dong” means winter. In ancient times, the explanation for “Dong” was that “all the crops are harvested and dried and it’s time to put them into the storage. [Read more]

What can you do to protect yourself during the winter cold season? 

How to keep healthy during 'Winter Begins'?

"Winter Begins" falls on November 7 this year. Experts indicate that people have to keep warm to maintain a good balance between Yin and Yang. [Read more]


Having nourishing food on Lidong

Having nourishing foods for good health on Lidong (start of winter). [Read more]

Nut fruits keep the cold away in winter

How to keep away cruel winter colds? [Read more]

Tips to prevent the common cold

There are steps you can take to reduce your and your family's chances of becoming infected with a virus that causes colds. [Read more]


Nutritious foods for winter

A healthy and varied diet is the first line of defense against colds. [Read more]

Foods that put you to sleep

Having trouble sleeping? It may just be that you're not eating the right foods! [Read more]

Eat the right fruits every month

January: Persimmon and Kiwi. [Read more]


  Useful tips for autumn and winter

Tips for 'Hoar-Frost Falls' [Special]

"Hoar-Frost Falls", falling on October 23 this year, is the peak time for chronic gastritis and gastroduodenal canker. [Read more]

Useful tips for new moms

Life with a newborn, useful tips for new moms. [Read more]

Life tips: Get ready for autumn health (No.10)

Many supplements are suggested for warding off illness. [Read more]

Life tips: Special for moms and moms-to-be (No.9)

Seafood contains purine and nucleotide. Beer is rich in vitamin B1, which helps decompose these two substances. [Read more]

Tips for "Autumn Equinox" [Special]

On the Chinese lunar calendar, “Autumn Equinox” is the beginning of autumn and this day is just at the middle point between “Autumn Begins” to “Hoar-Frost Falls”. [Read more]


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