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Chilam unveils his new romantic comedy

By Zhang Rui  (

09:07, November 07, 2012

(From left to right) Julian Cheung Chilam, Mini Fu Mengni, Lisa Guo Meizi, Dong Wenjun and director Hu Chongxi hold official poster of romantic comedy "Born to Love You" at a press conference in Beijing, Nov. 5, 2012.(

Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung Chilam is set to launch his new film "Born to Love You" and was in Beijing yesterday to unveil its first trailer and poster.

The award-winning Hong Kong singer and actor, 41, and 23-year-old leading lady Mini Fu Mengni, a former "Happy Girls" finalist, attended a press conference for the new movie release, joining its cast and newbie director Hu Chongxi.

The story tells of a young girl in a band who falls in love with a middle-aged man. The man, however, is just asking her to pretend to be his girlfriend and is actually unable to get out of his relationship with another woman- played by famous Hong Kong actress Yvonne Yung.

Baby-faced Chilam has been called the "showbiz legend that never grows old," but he had a good laugh about this saying during the press conference and said he wanted to look older as his wife, famous Hong Kong actress Anita Yuen Wing-yi, would love to see a more mature Chilam. So he actually grew a beard for this particular movie.

Director Hu Chongxi described "Born to Love You" as a happy and easy-going film to watch. He also hopes it will surprise and move audiences everywhere.

The new romantic comedy is set to hit Chinese cinemas on Jan. 4, 2013, 2013, a date that can be referred to as "Love You All My Life" day since its pronunciation in Chinese has a romantic connotation.

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