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'Ugly' woman's husband wins 'beauty fraud' suit

By Leeann Li  (Shanghai Daily)

09:38, November 05, 2012

A man in north China who married a woman on account of her exceptional beauty filed for divorce -- and won the lawsuit - after finding out that his wife was actually an "extremely ugly" woman who had undergone a series of plastic surgery.

In a classic case of beauty being skin deep, the truth came out after an "incredibly ugly" daughter was born to the couple.

Feng Jian couldn't bear his wife's lies and took her to the court earlier this year, seeking a divorce and nearly 750,000 yuan (US$120,150) in compensation. To everyone's surprise, he won the lawsuit, according a TV program broadcast in east China's Anhui Province.

Feng said he began having doubts about his wife's "fidelity" when he noticed their new-born daughter was "incredibly ugly" and didn't look like either of the parents. The husband then accused the woman of sleeping with another man, who was allegedly the child's father.

Overwhelmed by Fang's accusations, the woman, whose identity wasn't disclosed, said she had spent about 620,000 yuan on plastic surgeries to have a pretty face before she met Feng.

She never told Feng about those surgeries, the program said.

The outraged man then filed a lawsuit, claiming the woman had lured him to marry her under false pretenses and called it a fraud.

His plea was accepted by the court.

The program didn't say where the couple was from or provide any other personal details.

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