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World's highest volcanic lake approved as national geological park


09:00, November 05, 2012

Tianchi in Mount Changbai.(Xinhua)

A mountain in northeast China that is home to the world's highest volcanic lake has been approved as a national geological park, sources with the mountain management committee said on Friday.

Mount Changbai, located on the border of China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), has been officially named the Jilin Changbai National Volcanic Geological Park by the Ministry of Land and Resources, according to the sources.

Mount Changbai is a dormant volcano that has erupted three times since the 16th century, with the last eruption recorded 310 years ago.

Tianchi, a crater lake on top of Mount Changbai, covers an area of 9.82 square kilometers at an altitude of more than 2,100 meters. The lake is the deepest mountain lake in China, with an average depth of 204 meters.

Mount Changbai and Tianchi are famous scenic spots that attract a huge number of tourists from home and abroad.

The China Earthquake Administration set up a volcano monitoring station by the lake in 1997. There have been no signs indicating that there will be volcanic activity in the foreseeable future.

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Claude G at 2012-11-05109.13.193.*
This is definitely NOT the world"s highest volcanic lake! Other volcanic lakes in Chile and Bolivia, let alone Mount Ruapehu crater lake in New Zealand, are higher!!
Claude G at 2012-11-05109.13.193.*
I"m afraid this lake is not the highest in the world. Other lakes (especially in Cjle and Bolivia are higher, let alone Mount Ruapehu"s crater lake that culminates at 2,500 metres.
Bob Burns at 2012-11-05180.129.199.*
Nice, but beautiful Dali, on the shores of Er Hai is at 1,900 M. BTW the sun is brightly shining on a warm fall day

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