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'Starbucss,' 'FamillyMar' ordered to cover signs

By Hu Min   (Shanghai Daily)

10:46, April 24, 2013

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Shanghai's market watchdog has ordered three shops that appear to be trying to imitate famous brand names by using similar spellings and logos to cover up their signboards while the authorities are investigating whether they are violating trademarks.

The three shops on Baiyin Road in Jiading District, which haven't opened yet, have put up signs very similar to Starbucks, FamilyMart and Christine.

The signs include a "Starbucss" coffee shop, a "FamillyMar" convenience store and a "Christine" shop that uses Chinese characters different from that of the well-known bakery using the same English name.

The stores are located near the Metro Line 11 station on Baiyin Road.

The signboards were covered up yesterday.

The real estate developer, Shanghai Xuqiang Co, said it had hired an advertising company to put up signs, but was not aware they would be similar to famous brands. A company and two individuals planning to occupy the space haven't yet put down a deposit, the developer said.

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