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China remains a major destination for global investment


11:03, March 25, 2013

China will remain one of the major destinations for global investment the message was delivered at the ongoing 2013 China Development Forum in Beijing.

A number of the country’s most pressing economic issues have been discussed. The China Development Research Foundation and Price Waterhouse Coopers presented their joint research to the forum.

The research, based on the responses of CEOs from 227 multinational businesses, believe China will retain its advantages in attracting foreign investment.

China will remain one of the major destinations for global investment the message

Favorable conditions include expanding domestic markets, fair competition with local businesses, government incentives, relatively cheap labor costs and preferential tax policies.

The study projects a steady growth of global investment in China. All CEOs who took part in the survey expressed their willingness to maintain at least a third of their global investment in China.

70 percent of the 227 enterprises said they plan to increase their input over the next five years. The latest figures from the Ministry of Commerce backs up the optimism, saying China’s FDI in Feburary grew by over 6 percent to 8.2 billion US Dollars, the first growth after falling for 8 consecutive months.

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