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Hail continues causing havoc in South China


08:54, March 25, 2013

NANNING/FUZHOU - Rainstorms and hail that have caused havoc in southern China over the past week continued to destruct regions on Sunday, local authorities said.

A total of 16 cities and counties in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region have suffered from hail that started on Saturday, the local meteorological center said.

Baise city in the region has recorded the largest hail, it being 40 millimeters in diameter, according to the center.

As well as hail there has been thunder and strong gales, said Nong Mengsong, the center's chief weather forecaster.

In southeastern China's Fujian province, six counties suffered hail while regions have received rainstorms and strong gales since Saturday.

The local meteorological center has warned that rainstorms will continue into Sunday night, with precipitation up to 80 millimeters within 24 hours.

In Dongguan city of neighboring Guangdong Province, a hailstorm on Wednesday killed nine people and injured 272 others, with economic losses up to 357 million yuan ($57.5 million).

No deaths have been reported in Guangxi so far.

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