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China needs to open domestic market to develop new energy

(People's Daily Online)

14:48, February 28, 2013

"PV companies reporting losses, an urgent need to improve the industrial chain" "PV giant losses across the country "... These familiar headlines reflect the situation of the photovoltaic industry in China in 2012.

According to expert analysis, one of the main reasons for photovoltaic enterprises suffering huge losses is the overcapacity of domestic photovoltaic industry, which heavily depends on exports and the U.S. and European markets. Last year, countries around the world conducted investigations on China's photovoltaic enterprises, resulting in the struggling development of Chinese PV companies.

Though overseas setback is not a good thing, it produces a forced effect, urging China to open the domestic market to support the development of new energy.

Judging from private photovoltaic system which just started experimenting, its impact on the entire PV industry is huge. The huge domestic market is expected to consume more than half of the domestic photovoltaic production, and will greatly ease photovoltaic industry's dependence on exports. It has been proved that only by relying on a strong domestic market can China's photovoltaic industry embark on the path of a virtuous circle, and maintain healthy and sustainable development.

Similarly, other new energy generating power also needs to learn from the photovoltaic industry.

On February 27, State Grid Corporation made commitment it will promote photovoltaic, wind power, solar energy, natural gas and other distributed power incorporating them into the national power grid. This is a great positive help for the development of China's new energy industry.

In the future, private photovoltaic system can be used not only for its own power supply, but also will sell extra electricity to the grid, solving the bottleneck of the application of new energy generation, and marking a new stage of development of the new energy.

In the long run, this not only helps the development of China's new energy industry, but it also promotes the transformation and upgrading of China's energy structure, good for energy saving and emission reduction work.

Of course, the introduction of the policy has just taken the first step. Constant attention should be paid to how to ensure the effective implementation of the policy, how to better balance the costs and benefits, how to reduce the "high level" for practical application, and how can there be a more reasonable planning.

With a good start, the development of new energy still has a long way to go.

Read the Chinese version:发展新能源须开启内需市场
Source:People's Daily
Reporter: Shi Shengyu

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