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Davos 2013 aims for "resilient dynamism"


14:20, January 24, 2013

The 43rd World Economic Forum has opened in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos. Against the backdrop of a waddling global economy, the movers and shakers of the world meet again to discuss ways of bringing the economy out of its crisis, and this year.. under the banner of "resilient dynamism".

Government and business leaders convened at Davos in hope of tackling one of the world’s age-old problems.. but with a different mindset this time around.

Klaus Schwab, founder & chairman of World Economic Forum, said:"My hope is you come out of the meeting with a vision that goes beyond just crisis management as we’ve seen. If you go home and you think more passionately about global citizenship, I think you’re fulfilling our expectations."

And part of that vision will certainly include China. This year’s agenda contains at least 10 seminars on the world’s second largest economy.

Olivier Schwab, executive director of World Economic Forum China, said:"We have a session called "China Growth". We have a number of very interesting China related sessions."

Olivier Schwab, appointed director of WEF China, has experienced first hand the growing interest in the East Asian giant among global leaders.

Olivier Schwab said:“There is a huge appetite now from the global audience to understand which direction China will go in the coming years."

But despite being a rare opportunity for global leaders to have frank exchanges in less formal settings, outside the snow-clad town of Davos, expectations are low.

Richard Edelman, president & CEO of Edelman, said:"We have a tremendous crisis of leadership. You know, trust in institutions seems to be rising, recovering from its lows of the last few years, but the trust in leaders in abysmally low. And, actually, it’s because people perceive that leaders cannot tell the truth."

According to the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer, released just ahead of the opening of the forum, fewer than one in five people believe in business leaders, and barely one in eight trust politicians, worldwide. So even if leaders do bring home "resilient dynamism" as promised, they’ll still have to work for their people’s trust.

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