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Urgent tasks for the new Eurogroup leader


09:21, January 22, 2013

The incoming Eurogroup President will certainly have to tackle tough challenges on various fronts. CCTV’s BizAsia spoke exclusively to Luxembourg’s Finance Minister, Luc Frieden during this trip to Beijing. He spoke about the most urgent tasks for the new Eurogroup leader.

Luc Frieden, Luxembourg Finance Minister, said, "Structural reforms have to be done, we have to make sure that what is done in one country knowing that it has an impact on other countries will also really be implemented. And the task of the chairman of that group is to make sure that these discussions are taking place and that we also monitor the implementation. Not only in the program countries, but also in the other countries. Some public finances and structural reforms are key to have again growth in Europe; we need growth to move on, and the President of the Eurogroup together with his colleagues finance ministers have to work on this in 2013."

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