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Jaguar Land Rover expands dealership in Beijing

By Wang Jinxue (People's Daily Online)

14:43, November 28, 2012

Bob Grace(R-4), president of Jaguar Land Rover China and Sun Shaoxing(R-3), president of Beijing Wintop Group toast to the opening of new 4S center in Beijing, Nov. 27, 2012. (Photo provided to People’s Daily Online)

BEIJING,Nov. 28 (People’s Daily Online) -- Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has upgraded the dealership network in Beijing as another new 4S center was launched on Nov. 27, 2012. China is estimated to be JLR’s largest market based on the promising sales number achieved by far this year.

Beijing’s luxury car market is a top priority and China is going to be JLR’s largest market in the world. As Britain's largest luxury carmaker, JLR has delivered nearly 65,000 vehicles in China in the first 11 months this year, an increase of 75 percent over the same period last year, said Bob Grace, president of JLR China in Beijing at the opening ceremony of the 4S center.

The sales number makes JLR optimistic over the further development in China, said Bob Grace.

Days before the new 4S center’s launch, JLR brought the new Jaguar F-Type and new Range Rover to make China debut at Guangzhou auto show. The new F-Type is billed as "the most beautiful, thrilling, and desirable sports car that Jaguar has ever produced", which embodies Jaguar’s strong confidence in China’s luxury car market.

The new 4S center is a joint project of JLR and Beijing Wintop Group, which is specialized in auto sales and service. The center is located in northeast Beijing’s Shunyi district where Beijing Wintop plans to build an international auto park.


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